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When I began serving the community of Orange in 1977, I had a vision for the kind of service I wanted to provide. I wanted our real estate professionals to provide dependable service with integrity. This is how I’ve lived personally, and I knew this was of paramount importance when dealing with people’s homes. I am proud to say that we are still strongly upholding these principles 37 years later. I believe this is the reason Jerry Hughes Realty has gained its successful reputation.
Though integrity and dependability were our foundational principles from the beginning, we’ve gained important keys along the way. The technology now utilized by our agents enhances the experience of our clients. Each of our agents is trained to access the most recent technologies in the industry. This optimizes the client’s chances for success by giving them more options in a convenient way.
The market is constantly fluctuating. Sometimes it seems like prices rise and drop in an instant. Each of our industry professionals are familiar with the nature and tendencies of the market. The guidance and expert knowledge we provide only comes with years of experience serving buyers and sellers in the area. This means our agents give you a valuable perspective as you set out to buy or sell your home. You simply can’t afford to miss out on the help we can offer you.
For over 30 years I’ve counseled many people who are in shifting circumstances. The real estate landscape is full of people who are faced with important decisions, often causing stress. The agents at Jerry Hughes Realty know this, and play an important role in making your experience as anxiety-free as possible. You can depend on your representative to provide you with the most up-to-date information to find the perfect fit.
At Jerry Hughes Realty, we are as serious about your real estate endeavors as you are.
Jerry G. Hughes Sr.
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